What are the different things you should look for when picking a Wedding DJ for your wedding or event?

  • Experience
  • Reviews
  • Music Style
  • Mixes
  • Likability
  • Communication
  • Ask Around

This may be your first time hiring someone for this important role, and you want that party to be perfect. We’ll take you through everything to look for, from experience to reviews to DJ style. Do you like how they sound on the phone? Have they been referred to you?

After reading this, you should have an easier time in finding the right Wedding DJ for your special day.

The Interview:



Experience is the #1 factor. When you are interviewing a DJ, you want to make sure they have wedding experience, and not just DJ experience. They need to be a professional that puts a lot of time and effort into your wedding day. Experience will also be a bigger investment, so it does depend on your budget. If you have a lower DJ budget and have a DJ that is just starting out, he may do a great job if you provide him with a playlist. We recommend you go with someone that has had at least one year of experience and can take control of the situation if something were to come up.


Another good thing to look at is the DJ’s reviews. You want to be able to read reviews where you can tell that the DJ did not need to reach out and ask for a review. The couple was so blown away that they decided on their own that they needed to write that review. They were excited and had an awesome night. If we ever get a review before we even ask, it’s a great feeling. Video reviews are also great to have when everyone is having an incredible time and responding great to the mixing. There’s a good energy going and everything was a perfect fit, so it’s exciting when we can capture that energy on video for the next couple planning their wedding. You want to find reviews that feel good to read.

Music Style

The next thing we’ll talk about is DJ Style. On some pages, you can listen to a recorded mix and evaluate the DJ’s style. The only problem with this, is it’s preplanned. The sample music is usually curated at home with time and silence and not always representative of what will be put out in the moment at your event. It’s good to find a DJ that has the courage to put out a recorded live set including every announcement at the reception.


It’s also good to have multiple mixes out there because each couple may connect with something different. A lot of the music played could be considered a one mix fits all, with a lot of the top 40 hits and classics. But when it comes down to it, each mix is completely personal because each client is completely different. Each family has their own preferences and different styles that they love. These personal preferences are all learned more in our phone calls and consultations. You want to make sure you have choice and not a one size fits all. The mix should also communicate confidence.

Do You Like Them?

Moving on, you need to see if you like your DJ while talking to them over the phone. When we talk to our clients, we want to tell them about everything we do, but at the same time, we want them to tell us everything they want to have, so we can see if it’s a good fit. You need to make sure you can have a conversation where the DJ is interested in what you’re thinking. The client needs to have the confidence to know that they are speaking to a professional and they will make everyone feel comfortable, but at the same time won’t take any crazy unappreciated music requests. There needs to be that trust that the DJ can handle any situation that comes up in a professional and experienced way.

You may encounter a DJ that is rude and unprofessional. There are some that have unreasonable demands as far as setup or what they’ll be playing. You can use your intuition and get a vibe as to if they are a good person and someone you will get along with.


In relation to organization and planning, you want to have a DJ that has some type of follow up system. This can be as simple as calling you back within 24 hours. It could also be sending you an email within 24 hours. People are busy on both sides and can’t always respond right away. If a couple inquires on a Friday night, or the start of a busy wedding weekend, it can still be great to get a response after the weekend ends on a Monday or Tuesday. During business hours, you want a DJ that will respond quickly and be a good communicator.

Ask Around About Them

When hiring a DJ, you may want to ask around to wedding planners and photographers and see if people would refer this person. When you go to a wedding venue, this is typically what you want to book first, they will probably give you a list of recommended vendors if they have one. It’s good to ask them if there are any DJs that they like to listen to. When we DJ weddings, we also like to DJ a little bit for the staff as well. If everyone is being entertained, all the friends and family but also the people working there, you have a good thing going and everyone is having a good time. So it’s great to get the options of those working at the wedding venue.

It’s also great to ask your wedding planner or day of planner for a DJ they’re recommend. They have a lot of experience seeing multiple DJs at different weddings they work so they’ll have a good idea for what is a good fit for you based on what you like. Other vendors that are good to ask are photographers and videographers because they also interact with the DJ a little more. They all work together when getting ready for those key moments such as the first dance, toasts, and the cake cutting. A lot of communication is involved between the vendors.

Hopefully that will help you out in choosing the Wedding DJ that will fit perfectly with you in creating an unforgettable night.