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Kevin's Bio

Meet Kevin McMillian (DJ Breeze) originally from Lumberton, North Carolina, Kevin has called Charleston home for last 6 years entertaining private clients & performing at special events including EPIC Charleston Weddings and Downtown Charleston Venues.

Kevin is a full-time entertainer. Renowned for exceptionally reading any crowd, Kevin’s success comes from his dedication to immersing himself in both commercial and private entertainment engagements on a weekly basis to keep his performance fresh.

Kevin’s approach to entertaining is simple, play music for everyone and keep the energy high with a flawless mix to create one unforgettable night.

What his fans are saying

Kevin was…how do you say…OFF THE CHARTS! Our friends and family never stopped dancing. He even got my friends that don’t normally dance out on the dance floor. Nick (EPIC Charleston’s Founder) helped guide us through the music selection process and made it a breeze! The fun didn’t stop there… oh.. and the PHOTOBOOTH! The photobooth was amazing because the wedding went so fast, but now we have pictures of our family and friends we can share with them offline and on facebook. It truly made our wedding one of a kind. Everyone had a blast! Soi f you are having trouble trying to figure out which DJ to pick for your lowcountry wedding, go with EPIC!

— The Knot Reviewed On 10/31/2015 Jamie

I meant to write and tell you how pleased everyone was with Kevin as the DJ at Elisabeth and Rob’s wedding. People kept asking me, “Where did you find this guy? He’s amazing; the best ever!” Here is the link to the wedding slide show. You will need to fast forward to the 2nd half, but I think you will get a feel for what a great job Kevin did getting the party going and keeping it going!

Thank you for all your help with Elisabeth and Rob’s wedding!

— EPIC Email Reviewed On 12/28/2015 C Lyons

Our Interview w/ DJ Kevin Breeze

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