DJ Danny Rizzo

Meet DJ Danny Rizzo!

DJ Danny Rizzo - EPIC Charleston

Interview w/ DJ Danny Rizzo

Okay, Danny. Tell me how you got into DJing, a couple places that you’ve journeyed through and what brought you into the wedding world?

Started in radio at the age of 14, fell in love with music and decided to start DJing. Started with weddings at the age of 16, and then moved towards the remix side of things. Out of high school, jumped into the club scene, still doing weddings… but as far as remixing, have played at Hard Rock Casinos, headlined a couple of large music festivals, a couple of residencies up in DC and in San Diego.

As far as weddings go… probably at 400 plus weddings at this point. Familiar with all genres of music and pretty much work with anything except for Polka. Yes, I have gotten Polka requests before and it’s not my favorite.

Where are you from, prior to Charleston?

Before Charleston was in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC. Prior to that was San Diego.

What type of equipment do you like to DJ with?

Prefer Pioneer Equipment. I have multiple controllers I can use: Pioneer, CDJ 2000, Numark NS7. I typically use JBL speakers/subs.

If you had your favorite genre of music to DJ, what would it be?

Probably House and Techno.

What sets you apart from other Wedding DJs?

I’m the best. Besides Nick 😉 That’s a good answer LOL.

Well to give a better answer than that, although that’s a pretty accurate answer…

I’m fun. I’m energetic. I interact very well with crowds. I read the crowd very well. I feel like other Wedding DJs pretty much play their safe stuff. They play kind of what they want to. I read heavily off the crowd as to what is getting the best reactions.

When you’re at a wedding, what is your DJ attire?

It depends. If it’s a formal thing, it will pretty much be dress pants, shirt, vest, tie. The more casual end, just a pair of khakis and polo shirt. It really just depends on the event.

Do you have a sample of Wedding music or mixes you have done in the past?

I have plenty of mixes that I’ve done club wise. I’ve never really recorded and saved on SoundCloud any of my wedding stuff. I pretty much do that with just my club stuff. I could probably find something, but it’s not going to be current current.

And in with relation to music, how are you staying current with music? Are you DJing regularly?

I do a one hour weekly remix show for a radio station out of London. I also stay current through all the current pools whether it be Top Hits Promo Only, Direct Music Pool, or Direct Music Service.

If nobody’s dancing, how do you get them dancing?

Go out and grab somebody and drag them out onto the dance floor. Which I’ve done before 🙂

Does that work?

It actually does. It’s normally about getting people out initially on the dance floor, and then if there’s an issue with that, then you can typically find somebody and as you’re bringing them out on the dance floor it breaks the ice and everybody else gets out there. But if not, play a song that is hard not to dance to, and they’ll pretty much come on with that.